WD 80 Series Servo Motor

WD 80 Series Servo Motor

WD 80 Series Servo Motor
VD1 Series Servo Driver

VD1 Series Servo Driver

VD1 Series Servo Driver

Ease of use: 

  • Supports automatic load inertia measurement, motor rotation direction and movement stroke could be specified according to the mechanical structure; 

  • Two notch filters are provided to suppress the mechanical vibration; 

  • Supports VDI(virtual digital input), reducing physical wiring; 

  • Supports automatic rigidity measurement and parameter adjustment; 

  • Supports Modbus communication. User could set, view parameters and monitor drive status through communication;  

  • Real-time measurement of load vibration frequency and amplitude;

  • Supports batch import and export function to set parameters;

  • View position, speed, torque and other curves on PC in real time.


Protective function :

  • Settable maximum speed limit, maximum torque limit;

  • Position pulse filter function, user could set pulse frequency and anti-interference level;

  • Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-speed, overload, over-temperature protection; excessive position deviation fault detection;

  • Encoder disconnection detection, encoder failure detection; power supply disconnection detection;

Supports emergency braking and overtravel protection.


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